Age of Brahma, Yugas and Incarnations

age of brahma

What is a Kalpa?

Life time of Brahma is 100 years where he witnesses the change of 14 Manus per day.

Each Manu lives for a Manavantar, which sums upto 100 years of his lifetime.

Manu’s hundred years can also be related to the count of 71 Chatur-Yugas (approx value).

Therefore, mathematically, Brahma’s one day lasts for 71 Chatur-Yugas* 14 (Manus) = 994 Chatur Yugas.

1 Day of Brahma is approximately 1000 Chatur Yugas.

1000, Chatur Yuga or a day of Brahma is also know by the term, Kalpa.

Therefore, 1 lifetime of Brahma will be 994 Chatur Yugas * 100= 99,400 Chatur Yugas.

Names of the 14 Manus of this Kalpa of Brahma

Let us look at the history of Manus.

1) Swaayambhuva Manu was the very first Manu
2) Swarochisha Manu
3) Uttama Manu
4) Tamasa Manu
5) Raivata Manu

6) Chakshusha Manu
7) Vaivasvata Manu. He is the presiding deity of this Manavantara in which we exist.
8 Savarni Manu
9 Daksha-savarni Manu
10 Brahma-savarni Manu
11 Dharma-savarni Manu
12 Rudra-savarni Manu
13 Deva-savarni Manu
14 Indra-savarni Manu

Now, the timespan where Brahma is creating/awake is called a Kalpa.

Every day when he gets up to create, the day has got a name.

Just like there are names for different days of the week, one such day of Brahma is called Shveta Varaha Kalpa.

Note, Kalpa means day.

Sveta Varaha Kalpa is the name of this day of Brahma, when we are existing.

Like we discussed earlier, Brahma will see 14 Manus alter throughout his day, out of which 6 Manus have perished and now the 7th Manu that is Vaivasvata Manu is ruling.

In a nutshell, at present in Sveta Varaha Kalpa, Vaivasvata Manavantara is going on.

Age of Brahma

Also, the full life time of Brahma is divided into two halves, each half containing 50 years.

Currently Brahma has completed Dvitiya Parahar, which means 50 years of his lifetime.

So, in simple terms Brahma is 50 years!

Also, this, 1st day of Brahma is Sveta Varaha Kalpa.

(Kalpa means day of Brahma containing 1000 Chatur Yugas), out of which 6 Manavantaras or ( 6*71 Chatur Yugas= 426 Chatur Yugas) have already passed.

Mathematically, 574 Chatur Yugas are yet to complete.

Now in the reign of Vaivasvata Manu, whose lifespan is for 71 Chatur Yugas, 27 Chatur Yugas have passed.

Current Cycle of Chatur yuga

We are now in the 28th cycle of Chatur Yugas of which 3 Yugas (Krita, Treta and Dwapara) have already passed.

Currently the last (Kali) Yuga of the 28th cycle is going on.

In Kali Yuga, 432,000 years are present.

The Panchangam relates to the human time with respect to that of Brahma.

Tracing time right from the age of brahma to normal humar years, the Panchngam has a record of the minutest element of time.

It can divide Years into months, into weeks, into days, into hours, into muhurt… so on and so forth.

What will happen at the end of Kali Yuga?

At the end of Kali Yuga, Lord Kalki will incarnate as the son of Vishnuyasha in a village called Shambala located at the centre of India.

He will ride on a white horse and slay the evil men, leaving behind the pious souls on earth so that Krita Yuga can commence upon.

There will be no Pralaya or Complete Dissolution of the world where it disintegrates into the body of the Lord.

Instead the world shall see a transformation occur.

The transition from Kali Yuga to Satya (Krita Yuga) will be marked by Kalki Bhagawan where only pious souls will exist and the evil will be slain.

So the common belief that every person will be evil in Kali Yuga is falsified here.

This is because, it is the remnants of the goodness of Kali Yuga which gets a complete platform in Krita Yuga.

Ignorant beings who condemn Kali Yuga as the age of darkness and indulge in sinful activities are finding out reasons to escape.

Undoubtedly, Kali Yuga has its own set of drawbacks.

But, people do have the choice to lead a pious life.

Those who mend their ways make up till Krita Yuga to witness piety and those who do not mend their ways meet destruction.

In fact, through Nama Sankirtan, the age of darkness transforms into the pious Krita Yuga.

Did Lord Krishna come in this Kalpa?

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna:

“Before these 28 Chatur Yugas, I had delivered the precepts of Karma Yoga to Vivasvan, the presiding deity of the Sun who in turn delivered it to his son, Vaivasvata Manu.

Later, Vaivasvata Manu delivered it to his son, Ikshavaku who is the forefather of Sri Rama of the Solar dynasty.

Now, I am delivering to you again the same knowledge of Karma Yoga for the concept got diluted over the years.”

Hearing these words from Lord Krishna Arjuna felt blessed.

What can we learn from these numbers mentioned by the Lord?

It simply means that it is in this 28th cycle of Chatur Yuga in Dvapara, Lord Krishna incarnated.

Different Avataras and their Yugas

The first 5 incarnations, Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narsimha, and Vamana incarnate during Krita (Satya) Yuga.

The next 2, that is Parshurama and Rama incarnate during Treta while Balarama and Krishna incarnate in Dvapara.

In Kali Yuga, Kalki Bhagawan ascends, but He has not yet arrived.

People have desires to witness the various incarnations of the Lord across the various Yugas.

But, having such a desire will be meaningless if we succeed to realize that serving the Lord in His eternal abode is the most blissful experience.

We desire for something to gain a superior experience.

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