Significance of Meditation and “Om”


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What does ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ mantra mean?

Self Transformation is a practice of either meditation or any other spiritual practice that allows an individual to connect with the higher Spirit or ‘Aatman‘. This connection with the Aatman or Self is achieved through the repetition of “Keywords” or through a mental focus on the syllables that have a far-reaching effect on the inner dimensions of life. Due to its effect, one is able to understand the complexities of the mind.

One such word or syllable is “OM”. It is also known as “AUM”. “A” represents the “Start of any endeavor in the life process”, “U” represents the mid of that endeavor, and “M” represents the culmination of that endeavor. When we repeat the word “AUM”, it will be interesting to note that the tongue is not actively used in the repetition of the word.

This concept is of esoteric importance. It means that the primal sound with which words are formed, is boundless and changeless, especially because the change element in the transformation of sound is the tongue which is not used at all in the production of the AUM sound. It is the tongue that gives connotations and variety to the sound and also gives tangible meaning to sound.

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Yet AUM represents an element that is beyond meaning and also recognized as the source of all meaning. This is the value of the term known as “AUM”, whose deeper significance is explained in great detail in the Vedic Scripture of the Hindus knows as the Mandukya Upanishad.

This practice of remembrance of AUM or its repetition enables one to forego oneself or the ego and accept the Truth represented by AUM which is beyond all logic and all intelligence. Truth is the greatest individual who is none other than Brahman or the great Being.

What is self transformation?

Self-transformation is the process of taming the mind and refraining from materialistic activities that generate negative impulses. These negative impulses drive one away from spiritual pursuits, thereby compelling one to accept the ego, the smaller self, the distorted false-self which is debilitating by nature, keeping us tagged to limited experience of life.

This process of resurrection of the Higher Self can only be completed in the state on ‘no-mindedness’, or where the forces of the mind are unable to function at all. In turn, one’s will be nothing other than the Lord’s will or the Supreme Being’s will or we can also call it “AUM”‘s will. Thus living will be based on spiritual principles, controlled by the boundless entity. There will be no trace of the mind (or this mundane self), that brings identification of oneself.

This plane transcends the material platform, where there is only the one self, the Supreme Self. Thus, the goal of self-transformation is in abandoning the egoistic self and realizing the true self or Atman.

When this process is brought to completion, it cannot be marked in the material terms. It exists in the heart of the Self-realized individual as a deep realization of the Ultimate Truth represented by the syllable AUM.

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