Significance of Chanting Om Mantra

om mantra significance

What does Aum Mantra Mean?

Meditating on the Symbol OM and Chanting the Mantra has incredible benefits.

It can initiate the Self Transformation process.

Self Transformation is a practice of either meditation or any other spiritual practice that allows an individual to connect with the higher Spirit or ‘Aatman’.

This connection with the Aatman or Self happens through the repetition of “Keywords” or through a mental focus on the syllables that have a far-reaching effect on the inner dimensions of life.

Due to its effect, one is able to understand the complexities of the mind.

One such word or syllable is “OM”. It is also known as “AUM”.

“A” represents the “Start of any endeavor in the life process”, “U” represents the mid of that endeavor, and “M” represents the culmination of that endeavor.

When we repeat the word “AUM”, it will be interesting to note that the tongue is not actively used in the repetition of the word.

This concept is of esoteric importance.

It means that the primal sound with which we create words is boundless and changeless.

By twisting and manipulating the tongue, we can produce different sounds and syllables.

However, to produce Aum, we do not use the tongue at all.

This represents its ancient significance and power.

It is the tongue that gives connotations and variety to the sound and also gives tangible meaning to sound.

But, Aum is beyond such manipulations.

Mandukya Upanishad on Significance of Om Mantra


From the above discussion, we understand that AUM represents an element that is beyond meaning and is also recognized as the source of all meaning.

This is the value of the term known as “AUM”, whose deeper significance is explained in great detail in the Vedic Scripture of the Hindus knows as the Mandukya Upanishad.

This practice of remembrance of AUM or its repetition enables one to forego oneself or the ego.

It enables one to accept the Truth represented by AUM which is beyond all logic and all intelligence.

Truth is the greatest individual who is none other than Brahman or the great Being.

How and When to Chant Om?

Om Mantra is an extremely potent mantra to chant aloud as well as in the mind.

To include this in your chanting routine it is best to chant this on Panchamukhi Rudraksha Mala to increase its spiritual significance.

Ensure that you maintain purity of thought, word, and deed while chanting this mantra as it is a representation of concentrated spiritual energy.

Follow the Fundamental Rules of Mantra Chanting.

Any distorted thought or idea to manipulate the results of this mantra can cause body-related issues.

While meditating on this mantra, focus on the sound and on each syllable, A-U-M and the silence that follows after M.

Chant this mantra till and even after you attain the state of effortlessly reciting the Mantra while doing any activity.

Chanting this mantra in the morning can yield the best results.

Most often, people with weak bodies and structures find this mantra unsuitable.

Especially if people are on medication for kidney, uterus, or liver issues.

It might increase health complications in some people.

Effect of Om Mantra on People

effects of om mantra

Men, women, and children can chant the Om Mantra.

However, you must be conscious while chanting this mantra.

While chanting this mantra, see if you experience the following.

These symptoms are more common in women.

But, that does not mean that women should not chant this mantra.

Even some men experience these symptoms.

Women, young girls, and old people most often, when chanting too much of om mantra, experience declining health.

Women have tender areas in their bodies as compared to men.

Om Mantra is a primordial sound, consisting of the fire, heat element.

If women tend to chant a lot of this mantra, they face health issues, gastric, urinary problems, skin eruptions, delayed menstrual cycles, and frequent fevers.

Their bodies might heat up, though there is no medical detection of any infection.

The reason is, the Mantra directly affects the gross body and emits its heat.

It depends on the chanter’s body whether or not it can withstand the heat.

However, in most cases, men have a stronger internal structure, wherein the Mantra does not affect the body.

In turn, it makes them stronger, vibrant, and wise.

However, there are cases where it affects some men and where it does not have any adverse effects on women.

So, there are exceptions to this consequence.

You must be consciously chanting this mantra to detect any problems.

If you do, immediately withdraw yourself and chant softer mantras, having the male and female energies combined together.

This shall prevent any physical damage.

Switch to Kamal Gatta Mala or Tulsi Mala to chant your Mantra.

You can switch to Lakshmi Narayana Mantra, Uma Maheshwara Mantra, or any Radha Krishna Mantra.

Positivity of Om Mantra

power of vedic mantras

Now, if Om mantra suits your body type, without displaying any physical symptom, continue chanting this mantra.

The benefits are unimaginable and incredible.

No dreadful disease shall make you its prey as the mantra shall protect your body.

It becomes like a protecting shield.

The goal of this mantra is to elevate your state of consciousness from petty worldly matters and develop insight into spiritual matters.

It shall make you spiritually able, to make decisions that matter your spiritual progress.

Your spiritual routine shall see enhancements by the inclusion of other spiritual practices like Meditation.

Your spiritual power shall increase and materialistic tendencies shall fall apart.

Self Transformation

Self-transformation is the process of taming the mind and refraining from materialistic activities that generate negative impulses.

These negative impulses drive one away from spiritual pursuits, thereby compelling one to accept the ego, the smaller self, the distorted false self which is debilitating by nature, keeping us tagged to limited experience of life.

This process of resurrection of the Higher Self can only be completed in the state of ‘no mindedness’, or where the forces of the mind are unable to function at all.

In turn, one’s will be nothing other than the Lord’s will or the Supreme Being’s will or we can also call it “AUM”‘s will.

Thus living will be based on spiritual principles, controlled by the boundless entity.

There will be no trace of the mind (or this mundane self), that brings identification of oneself.

This plane transcends the material platform, where there is only oneself, the Supreme Self.

Thus, the goal of self-transformation is in abandoning the egoistic self and realizing the true self or Atman.

When this process is brought to completion, it cannot be marked in material terms.

It exists in the heart of the Self-realized individual as a deep realization of the Ultimate Truth represented by the syllable AUM.

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