Why are jobs so stressful?

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Truth and its role in jobs

We go to work usually because we have a family and we have to support it. Having a job translates into ability to providing money to support. In this process, we are more often governed by the instinct of survival. It may be a good idea to start thus, however what we tend to do, is to prolong this instinct as a life long process. Aren’t we missing out on something more vital?

Let’s face it, we have to lie in our jobs. I have never known anyone to be truthful and at the same time working for someone else. It takes great effort to be on the side of the Truth. Someone may ask, why do the scriptures make so much out of Truth. The answer is simple yet not evident.

How is truth related to us?

Truth is the nature of our inner being, our very stuff out of which we are created. The more we lie, the more we shall negate our existence and the more we get cut off from our very source. Its like this, if we are riding a bike and if there is something that thwarts the flow of gas, its a matter of time that the bike shall come to a grinding halt.

The more we lie about ourselves to others , the world and to our self, the more it shall inhibit the supply of life-energy.


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Our jobs are designed to provide us food, clothing and shelter and yet to get business, we are forced to lie to the customer, our bosses and so many others in an attempt to safeguard our jobs. In other words if you are immaculately truthful you shall not have a job.

Our job demands us to be on the side of our employer, irrespective of his position, irrespective of whether he is on the side of Truth or not. You serve an employer who is a businessman, who considers profit to be his God and his success to being more dear than Truth.

Our instinctive nature gets the better of our true nature. The lies that we build around our occupation infiltrates through to our relationships, our friends and our neighbors. The falsity of our pretense poisons the very nature of our life.

Will it not be worthwhile to take up something that shall restrict the use of lies as a survival mechanism, maybe a small business where we shall not have to lie to our customers, to our employees? We should know that as per scriptures, the more you are truthful, the more the world shall become livable, the more there shall be trust and more the commitment.

The task to setup a Truthful surrounding is easier said than done, agreed. But don’t we have a duty towards ourselves and the society? The way to get this done is by adopting a spiritual practice, by performing acts of honorary or free service along with our jobs, where Truth is the premise of our service. Slowly by the power of Truth in our transactions, we can easily turn our free services into full time activity.

Truth is God

Truth is God and God is Truth. If we care about Truth, Truth shall protect us and nurture us. Is Truth not capable of taking care of us and our family. Is Truth just a word from the scriptures which has lost its magic? The answer is no. Truth continues to be the guiding factor of committed and sincere folks even today. The more the world population depends on Truth for all their needs, a better and non-violent society we shall have for now and for the future.

What is your opinion about lying at work? Do you feel you need to compromise values or ethics to be able to achieve quick short time goals at job? Is being Truthful really worthwhile? Let me know by connecting through to me.

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