Difference between Wisdom and Knowledge?


Who is a wise man?

Wisdom is the stream of knowledge that lies embedded in the heart of the awakened one. It is the very identity of a wise man. They are called thus due to their composed aura which is attained after relentless meditation and spiritual seeking. They are very protective of their knowledge. Because of which they do not entertain the world.

Some signs of ignorant people

Today, the world is full of ignorant beings. I call them ignorant because they have not drunk deep from the nectar of the life process and have been living life superficially, aimlessly. They are happy with life’s small happenings. Also, they are prone to get disturbed at life’s tiniest provocation. Such people search aimlessly and hence live and die just as moths hover around glittering light bulbs and drop dead within a few hours.

The ignorant nevertheless seek advice but for all the wrong questions. Even seeking advice is of value only if you put the right questions. The ignorant ones of the world are driven by fear and one driven by fear will always seek an answer for all the wrong questions.

He is unable to comprehend the source of fear and only tries to tackle fear superficially. This instinct of fear drives him to myriad irrelevant objects of life.

For Example, Security is misinterpreted as having less wealth or as being frightened of society. The real question is, the lack of inner balance, the lack of understanding life is that which creates fear and not lack of wealth or societal pressure. If one yearns to understand life as a process, it is easier to navigate the fears that life projects towards us.

If one stupidly tries to earn more wealth instead of getting a deeper understanding of the spirit, his worries are only going to multiply because wealth is an external agent which has got nothing to do with the inner component of fear. Wealth may probably multiply one’s worry and not account for the insecurities of a stupid man.

These incorrect questions posed by an unintelligent man drives him crazy without respite. Fear is intended by Nature so that man uses his intelligence and takes spiritual advice rather than trying to materially solve his insecurity problems. It is interesting to note that all material problems only have spiritual fixes.

The sooner you realize this, the wiser you become. On the other hand when man abandons fear and courageously moves towards the domain of God, he acquires wisdom. This is just the starting point, as he gains more as he advances on the spiritual path.

Top Sign of Wise people

Now you think, who is wise, The one who abandons fear and as a result fears no loss or the other who seeks advice to work around his fear but remains fearful throughout, even while seeking advice?

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