Who are Bhairavas? | Lord Hanuman Story | Lord Kartikeya

Who are Bhairavas? | Lord Hanuman Story| Lord Kartikeya

Hamare Avatar Evam Devi Devta- Part 18


Bhairavas are the special associates of Lord Shiva. During the battle between Lord Shiva and Andhakasura, the asuras stamped Lord Shiva’s forehead with their foot. His forehead emitted a fountain of blood resulting in the appearance of the Bhairavas. There are 5 main Bhairavas-

1) Vidhyaraja- Born from the eastern flow of the blood. He is fiery in complexion and wears a gold-studded necklace.

2) Kamaraja- Born from the southern flow of the blood. He is black in complexion and surrounded by ghosts.

3) Nagaraja- Born from the western flow. He is blue in complexion and is decked in leaves.

4) Lambitaraja- Born from the all-directional flow of the blood, He is dark complexioned.

5) Shooladhari- Born from the northern flow of the blood. He is dark in complexion.

Ashta bhairava names

8 Bhairavas are worshipped along with Durga Ma during the autumn season. Their names are- 1) Mahabhairav (महाभैरव) 2) Samhara Bhairav (संहार भैरव) 3) Asitanga (असितांग भैरव) 4) Ruru Bhairava (रुरु भैरव) 5) Kala Bhairava (काल भैरव) 6) Krodha Bhairava (क्रोध भैरव) 7) Kapala Bhairava (कपाल भैरव) 8) Rudra Bhairava (रुद्र भैरव). We also find a mention of 1) Chanda Bhairava (चण्ड भैरव) 2) Unmatta Bhairava (उन्मत्त भैरव) and 3) Bheeshana Bhairava (भीषण भैरव).

The 5 main Bhairavas of Lord Shiva are- 1) Nandi (नन्दी) 2) Bhrungi (भृंगी) 3) Mahakala (महाकाल) 4) Baitala (बैताल) 5) Veerabhadra (वीरभद्र)

Taravati who was the wife of King Chandrashekhara of Kurveer Pur kingdom delivered a son. Initially he was known as Bhringi. In his next life, he attained the face of a monkey and became a Bhairava.


Bhairavis are a different variety of Mahavidya.

Names of Bhairavi

Their names are- 1) Chamunda (चामुण्डा) 2) Charchika (चर्चिका) 3) Charma munda (चर्ममुण्डा) 4) Marjar Kanika ((मार्जार कणिका) 5) Karnamoti (कर्णामोटि) 6) Mahagandha (महागंधा) 7) Ugra Bhairavi (उग्र भैरवी) 8) Kapalini (कपालिनी). At other places, they are known by the different names of- Tripura Bhairavi (त्रिपुर भैरवी) 2) Sampatprada Bhairavi (सम्पत्प्रदा भैरवी) 3) Kaulesha Bhairavi (कौलेश भैरवी) 4) Sakala Siddhida Bhairavi (सकल सिद्धिदा भैरवी) 5) Bhayavidhvansini Bhairavi (भयविध्वंसिनी भैरवी) 6) Chaitanya Bhairavi (चैतन्य भैरवी) 7) Kameshwari Bhairavi (कामेश्वरी भैरवी) 8) Shatkuta Bhairavi (षट्कूटा भैरवी) 9) Nitya Bhairavi (नित्या भैरवी) 10) Rudra Bhairavi (रुद्र भैरवी) 11) Tripura Bala Bhairavi (त्रिपुर बाला भैरवी) 12) Navakuta Bhairavi (नवकूटा भैरवी) 13) Annapurna Bhairavi (अन्नपूर्णा भैरवी) 14) Bhuvaneshwari Bhairavi (भुवनेश्वरी भैरवी)

All the Bhairavis have different names, forms, vehicles and mantras.

Celestial beings

These include the Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Yakshas, Apsaras and Siddhas.

The ghost section

These include Preta (प्रेत) Pishacha (पिशाच) Bhoota (भूत) Vinayaka (विनायक) Baitala (बैताल) Brahma Rakshasa (ब्रह्म राक्षस) Kushmanda (कुष्माण्ड) etc. Pootana (पूतना) Kotara (कोटरा) Revati (रेवती) Pishachini (पिशाचिनी) also fall under these groups. They are all Shiva Ganas.

Swami Kartikeya

Kartikeya is the eldest son of Lord Shiva. He is six headed and sits on a peacock. He is the commander-in-chief of the Devas. Even the cock is considered to be his vehicle.

Story of Lord Kartikeya’s birth

Once Lord Shiva was sporting with Parvati Devi. Agnidev in the form of a cock arrived there. Due to this, Lord Shiva’s semen fell outside. The semen was then installed in fire. The heat was intolerable to fire god, so he immersed the fluid in the ganges. Even the Ganges felt the heat to be intolerable so she installed it amidst a clump of reeds. The semen developed into a radiant baby. The Matrika mothers breastfed the child and provided nourishment to it. So they are considered to be Kartikeya’s foster mothers. Later, Katikeya became the commander of the Devas and killed Tarakasura in battle.

Story of lord Ganesha and Kartikeya
He argued with Ganesha as to who shall marry first. In the competition of circumambulating the earth, Lord Ganesh emerged victorious by the use of his wits. He was the first to get married. Upset at the non-interference of his parents, Kartikeya abandoned his home and marched towards South India. He said- “I won’t use my father’s dialect (Sanskrit).” With the firm resolve, he invented a new language, Tamil.

Shasta god

Greatly worshipped in South India, Shasta gods are another form of Lord Bhairava.

Sheetala devi

Sheetala devi has numerous temples in many parts of the country. She is the goddess of the Chickenpox epidemic.

Lord Harihara

During Mohini avatar when lord Shiva was enamored by the beauty of Mohini, he embraced her. This resulted in the birth of Hari Hara. The right half of Harihara resembles Lord Shiva while the left half resembles Lord Vishnu.

Lord Hanuman

Birth story of hanuman
During the union of Lord Shiva and Mohini, the wind god carried a portion of Lord Shiva’s semen and transmitted it into Anjana’s womb, the wife of the Vanara king Kesari, through the passage of her ear. Thus Hanuman was born. Since he is the partial incarnation of Lord Shiva he is known as Shankara suta or the son of Lord Shiva. He is also the son of the wind god, since the wind carried the semen. Since Hanumanji is the heir of the monkey king Kesari, he is known as Kesari Kumar.

Hanuman eating sun story

At his very birth he leaped into the skies to gobble the sun, thinking it to be a fruit. It was the hour of solar eclipse on the new moon day. When Rahu saw him gulp the sun he ran and reported the matter to Indra. Indra hastily reached the spot to stop Hanumana. As Indra obstructed his way, naughty Hanumanji ran to catch his vehicle, Airavata. Indra struck him down with his Vajra. His chin was slightly harmed by the onslaught thus he came to be known as Hanuman. The wind god was terribly upset to see his dear son Hanuman lay unconscious. He stopped the flow of wind which threatened the life of the living creatures. He was finally placated when the Devas imparted a fragment of their power to Hanumanji and endowed him with their divine weapons, thus making him invincible.

Hanuman story

Hanumanji received divine knowledge under the mentorship of Surya deva. Thereafter he assisted the monkey king Sugriva as his minister. It is Hanumanji who united Sugriva and Sri Rama in the locks of friendship. After conquering Lanka, when Sri Rama reached Ayodhya, Hanumanji stayed back and served him. But when Sri Rama left for his eternal abode, Saket, Hanumanji didn’t accompany him. He said- “As long as there is Rama Katha prevalent in this world, I shall forever remain and listen to the glories of Sri Rama.” In Treta Yuga, he met the Pandava brother Bhima. Sri Krishna befriended Hanumanji and Arjuna. During the Mahabharatha war he stayed on Arjuna’s flag and protected his chariot from fatal attacks. Hanumanji is immortal. Wherever there is recitation of Rama Katha, he sits there and listens to it in an invisible manner. There are two main forms of Hanumanji- One is red-vermillion in color, while the other is golden and mountainous in size. However, for worship purpose, you shall find the description of his sober, fiery, restless and many such forms.

Other gods

Every planet has its ruling deity. Each village or town has its guarding deity or caretaker, a village serpent, and a village goddess. Even the time cycle, which includes days, months, 15 days of a lunar cycle, and years have their respective gods. Every action has it action deity. Every family has its family deity. Also, special types of empowered Siddhas, Yogis, Sati and ghosts are worshipped as gods and incarnations, like Khandoba in Maharashtra and Karani devi in Rajasthan. People also worship samadhis.

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