Cause of Stress and the Fear of Survival

stress in modern days

 Attraction to Matter and Root of Sorrow

The physicality of creation attracts the human species of the current age to a great extent.

Women beautifying themselves and their bodies become an obsession and cetre of focus.

24/7 they are concerned about their looks and how they present themselves.

On the other hand, position and possessions attract men.

They are on the lookout of proving themselves to the world.

Moreover, modern-day man is on the spree of proving things to himself as well.

This has led to chaos in the world.

How can this mere outlook spread chaos may well be a logical question to ask.

We shall cover this point in some detail in the current discussion.

It becomes necessary at this point to explore the fundamental reasons for dissatisfaction and grow discontentment

How is Modern-Day Man similar to an Animal?


It is a universal law that, before a living entity makes its earthly entrance, there is already provision made for its upkeep and sustenance.

That is why we see some animals live better than other animals of its community.

The same law applies for humans as well.

This is an unchallenged Vedic law, the very basis of Sanatana Dharma.

Yet almost the entire human race seems to be unware about this law.

Humans have glorified ways of satisfying their fundamental needs.

This insticnt is similar to those of just as animals.

However, animals do the very same things in very simple and perhaps detestable ways as the cultured society looks at it.

The dog sleeps on hard grounds or under trees while man sleeps on comfortable beds in the comforts of his home.

The dog eats directly from the ground licking its food, while man uses his hands.

Humans have more refined food (perhaps) from plates.

Dogs enjoy sex in the open in front of the entire world while man indulges in the same act within the constraints of his plush apartment.

They barks or run away if you try to attack it.

However, man uses arguments to defend himself if someone tries to attack him.

Man tries to defend his questionable actions.

Thus eating, mating, sleeping and defending are traits that are common to both humans and animals.

Activities that Increase Negativity

The absence to recognize the fifth element that has added to stress and disorder to life.

When the fifth element of understanding the purpose of life is not pursued by man, life starts losing its charm.

As a result, man starts chewing unnecessarily, voraciously on the other 4 survival instincts of eating, mating, sleeping and defending.


People waste their time and divine energy by discussing cuisine thereby lifting the pitch of the lower instincts of taste and appetite, which is also dear to animals.

People of lower consciousness discuss about sex and tune into the animalistic mode.

Others talk about ambition and conquer through immoral business tactic and so on, which shall excite the chakra system in the Solar plexus, thereby triggering animalistic tendencies. 

Now, how would it feel if any supersonic airplane travels on narrow and bumpy village roads?

The result can be more than imagined.

The airplane with its minimum speed set to about 250 miles per hour shall cause casualties in the village as well as casualties within the aircraft.

The greatest possibility is that the airplane shall crash in into the mud walls of local residences, thereby causing peril to the lives of many.

The same is the case with the human mind and body.

Training the Mind is Mandatory


The human body is like this airplane and the mind is like the fuel and energy that triggers the airplane.

It is Mind Chatter that frives us crazy and insane.

The running of the airplane on village roads is like indulging the body and mind in glorifying the processes of eating, sleeping, mating and defending.

The result is that the mind is exposed to stress.

The body and the mind is like the aircraft.

It has to run on a clean runway which is smooth so that it attains high-speed and takes off towards the skies.

Unless body and mind munch on subtle matters which also includes them aopting a suitable diet and a healthy lifestyle, without indulging in it, the human system cannot take off towards elevated matters relating to the spirit.

When man indulges in matter, it is a criminal waste of human resources.

The inappropriate use of the human body invites tension and stress builds within the human system.

Diseases crop up because of misusing the human system.

Life detoriorated because of inappropriate ways of living, dirty lifestyle and filthy thoughts.

People live duplicitous lives, devoid of Truth and discipline.

Take Away


As mentioned earlier, as the Vedic texts mention this at multiple places, Nature has already provided the means and resources for our decent maintenance and survival.

However, man is so obsessed by the lower survival mechanism that he attempts to convert that mechanism as a conquering device so that he can lord over Nature.

Just like the the airplane tramples both the passengers of the airplane and the men in the village, the misplaced actions of the misdirected human “animal” not only works against himself, but also causes harm to millions of others who get manhandled by other misdirected humans.

When man does that, stress is the result which Nature uses as an invasive tool to crush man.

We must realize that managing or controlling stress is not the right or appropriate solution.

The things is, we must never experience stress.

This elimination is possible only if higher realization is attained.

Only when man realizes his fundamental mistakes, stress evaporates.

Until then, man shall slowly but surely move towards dissatisfaction, disharmony and chaos, by his own incorrect ways of living.

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