Why is Sampradaya System important? | Vishwamitra gives Bala Atibala Mantra to Rama Lakshmana | Valmiki Ramayana-12

Why is Sampradaya System important

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The Importance of Sampradaya System

The Sampradaya System in Bharath is the beacon for future generations because Sampradaya originates from the Supreme Being Himself. Putting the mark of vermillion, wearing the appropriate dress relating to the Sampradaya, following the timings for performing purificatory ablutions on a daily basis is absolutely necessary. The form of the Sampradaya as well as the spirit of the Sampradaya is to be followed to invoke Grace which enables quick transformation of the sullied mind, because of which one develops attachment towards the Lord and gets interested in matters relating to the Supreme Being. When the father follows the Sampradaya sincerely, without break, with conviction, it is but natural that the son learns this discipline by following the footsteps of his father. This is the very purpose of Sampradaya, which is to be carried forward from generation to generation so that through the following of the norms of the Sampradaya, one shall be linked to the Lord. The Sampradaya norms are considered as the greatest wealth by the devotees and aim to pass on this wealth of practices through generations. For the ladies of Bharath, wearing a saree according to the Sampradaya norms, continuously wearing a mangal-sutra (मंगलसूत्र a type of neck-ware for women), is mandatory because the mangal-sutra is energized with powerful Vedic mantras which maintains the life and health of the husband. This is a powerful ritual in perfect alignment with Shastra and should not be considered as a petty ritual. Following these guidelines as laid by the Shastra becomes a source of renewed peace and power within the family-fold, so says the Shastra.

Sage Vashishtha commands king Dasharath to hand over Rama

King Dasharath had denied giving Sri Rama to Vishwamitra although the latter had made enough attempts to convince that Sri Rama is all-equipped to protect Himself and the world, since He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Sage Vishwamitra could not contain his anger and thundered “Oh Emperor of false promises, remain happy with your kith and kin. Your belonging to the Ikshavaku clan is only for namesake. I know of no one appearing in this great clan to have ever gone back on their words and here you are, the first one to go back on your words. Your words have proved to be empty, Oh king who claims to belong to the ancestry of King Kakutstha and Emperor Raghu”; so saying sage Vishwamitra turned around to leave the palace. Just then Sage Vashishtha appeared on the scene. He was present in the background and observing the conversation between King Dasharath and sage Vishwamitra. Sage Vashishtha facing King Dasharath said, “It is not for your wellness, but for the glory of Sri Rama, that I tell you to send Him with sage Vishwamitra.”

Sri Rama Lakshmana follow Sage Vishwamitra

King Dasharath never turned around and questioned his spiritual master Vashishtha. The king simply went silent. Just like offering an article from a golden dish, king Dasharath immediately handed over Sri Rama to Sage Vishwamitra. He addressed sage Vashishtha thus “It does not matter whether it is for the welfare of Rama or not, you have given your word and that shall be abided by, without delay.” The Lord was obedient to the king, the way somebody uses an insentient object. That was the supreme obedience of the Lord to His father’s command. King Dasharath put his hands lovingly on the shoulder of Sri Rama and with loving words addressed the Lord “My dear Rama, I have never remained away from you even for a short time, for the past 12 years. Now, you are going to be away from me. Please take care of yourself. Obey the commands of sage Vishwamitra. Although Sri Rama was demanded by sage Vishwamitra, Lakshmana followed his brother and accompanied sage Vishwamitra.

Sri Rama and Lakshmana attain the Bala (बल) and Atibala (अतिबल).

The three walked along the southern banks of river Sharayu for about a distance of 20 kilometers. The two boys were just about 12 years old and they had already walked a certain distance. The sage was concerned about the boys. So that their energy level is maintained to fight the demons, sage Vishwamitra taught two mantras to the boys which are called Bala (बल) and Atibala (अतिबल). The mantras were to give them great strength and the capacity to know, what is to be known; to attain what is to be attained and capacity to do what needs to be done. With the help of the mantras sage Vishwamitra told the two brothers that they will be able to conquer their sleep and hunger completely.

Yantra is not easy to create and implement

There is a fallacy in the current era about Yantra, Mantra and Tantra. Many people try to become prosperous by attaining some Yantra, created by somebody and keeping it in the house. They believe that prosperity shall come or one shall attain wealth and power just by keeping a Yantra at home. What people do not consider is that to make a Yantra work, there are many preconditions. The Yantra cannot be created by anyone who is not a Yogi or a siddha. The creator of the Yantra cannot be a businessman who makes a business out of selling Yantra through TV shows and passing it through the hands of many people. How can the Yantra hold energy if it has not been created following all the rules of Yama and Niyama, without considering the day on which a Yantra is created and using the right materials from the proper places, by reciting the right mantras, with so many more restrictions that need to be taken into consideration. It is not feasible to create a Yantra on a large scale, considering the many rules and austerities that go behind the perfect preparation of an effective Yantra. The Scriptures do not recommend such steps and is always free from blind faith.  It is to be always remembered that Yantra, Mantra or Tantra is meant to serve a higher purpose, for the welfare of the fellow beings, for their protection, for the sake of serving the Lord alone and cannot be used to serve base tendencies. This is the opinion of the Shastra. Mantra shall prove ineffective if someone tries to use it for one’s own benefit. It can only be used for a higher cause, for service of God alone. This is the view of the Sattvik Shastra.

Sage Vishwamitra wakes up the two brothers

As the sage travelled with the twelve year old brothers, he would recount many tales relating to the Puranas as well as the stories of the towns and villages they used to pass by, to reach their destination. He would recount the details about the rivers such as Shrona, Gantaki, Ganga, Sharayu; he would talk about their origin, there source and how they flow, what are the ways they would divide as they flowed and so on. He recounted the tales of how river Ganga came down to earth, the stories about Lord Shiva and Parvati. Stories about Karthikeya and he also recounted his own history to the two brothers, as they walked their way to their destination. After the two brothers retire for the night, Lakshmana would wake up first and then Vishwamitra would remember the Lord and sing His praises to wake up the kind Lord Sri Rama. As soon as the sage’s voice was heard, Sri Rama would immediately become attentive and wake up to attend to his morning ablutions.