Best lifestyle for Spiritual Progress


3 Key Lifestyle Habits that boosts spiritual progress

Lifestyle contributes majorly to how we feel. It determines a lot about our feelings and emotions. You might have noticed that when you sit by the riverside you feel peaceful and calm, while when you are out with your friends at a party you become highly energetic. Lifestyle, in other words, means our surroundings and people. Our interaction with our environment and people determines our lifestyle, which in turn affects our mood.

This simply means that for our overall well being, the activities we perform should be pleasing and suitable for our mind. Therefore, a change in our lifestyle can do more than what we think it can do for us or serve us. It can do wonders.

So let’s start.

(1) Minimize your interaction with visuals.

Visuals refer to screens and monitors. Our senses are connected to the world mainly through our eyes. We tend to connect to the world by engaging with the growing developments in technology. My personal opinion about technology is pretty positive. This is only because it can be used for the right purpose. Many people get disturbed by using screens because they misuse the product. Misusing the product means to use it for sense gratification rather than growth or personal development.

Today, the main purpose of getting agitated from screens is the intention that drives the user to use it. People use screens to drain themselves, perhaps by watching a movie, over-engaging in social networking sites, playing games, etc. These activities are either pointing out to satisfy the Ego or senses.

By being stuck onto the screen you gain nothing. Instead, you lose. We did see how screens alone can cause so much harm if used for such low purposes.

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(2) Practice Yoga and Breathing Exercises (Spiritual Practice).

Practicing Yoga and Pranayama have been traditional practices dating from the Vedic Times. They promote spiritual awakening easily. Believe it or not, these are the key practices one should follow to enjoy instant results. Personally, I do Pranayama every morning because of which I have a fresh mind to start with my Activities.

These two activities support in spiritual practices as these destress your mind and keep them calm. Yoga while keeping the body healthy on the gross platform, it also contributes to the inner cleansing process. Various Yogic Asanas work towards breaking different, gross and subtle, negative dimensions of the human self.

(3) Authorized spiritual practices

Sadhana is a crucial aspect of human upliftment. It involves a combination of Yogic practices like concentrating on the Mantra (which increases overall concentration), reciting Sanskrit, scriptural texts (which enhances understanding capabilities), etc. I have immensely experienced the benefits of Sadhana.

Supporting or standing for the other is possible, but not in times of need. When you need somebody, usually nobody is around you to extend help. This is life. Until we don’t realize this fact of life, we know NO LIFE. People say life is beautiful. If they are saying this just because they have people, wealth and fame they are immature to even think about life thus.

True life is to study life. To study life fully brings us its shortcomings and then the intelligent take safety measures. This safety system is Sadhana.

However, sadhana has more to offer, not many have even realized this basic fact. People have not understood the temporary nature of life itself, because of which they seek permanent relationships. If life itself is impermanent then how can we expect relationships (which form a very small part of life) to be permanent?

This is the first very drawback of life, that relationships are impermanent! Isn’t it

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