Why should you offer Water to Surya Dev?


Importance of Surya Devata

Surya Devata, according to Vedanta and the main Vedic texts, is The Supreme Lord in visible form.

Surya Devata is the source of energy and maintains life on Earth.

The worship of Surya Devata or Sun-God is an integral part of many cultures across the world, especially in the Vedic culture of Bharath.

There is a good reason for this.

Surya Devata is the greatest source of energy.

He provides the universe with heat, light, and brilliance.

These are the primary forms of energy.

Some Names of Suryanarayana

The Sun God or Surya Devata have many other names such as Aditya, Arka, Bhanu, Savitr, Pushan, Ravi, Martanda, Mitra, Bhaskara, Prabhakara and Vivasvan.

It would be interesting to see why the worship of the Sun is vital to our existence on this planet.         

When to Offer Water to Surya Devata?

In the Vedic culture, it is not uncommon to see people offer water to the Sun god early in the morning.

People often offer water to Sun in a copper vessel.

You should carry out this process ideally at Brahma Muhurta, usually,   half an hour before the Sun actually rises at the horizon, between 5:30 and 6:00 AM.

Some people also follow the regime at noon.

But ideally, you should follow this process before the break of dawn.

Process of Offering Water to Surya Devata

The process is as follows.

After you wake up and freshen you should have a bath.

If that is not possible, you should at least wash your mouth, hands, and feet and wipe them clean.

Then you should take a vessel, ideally made of copper, and fill it with clean water.

Then you should get to the verandah of your house or go to an open area and face East. If you are doing this routine at noon, face North. 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Then with your face tilted a little upward, raise your hands holding the vessel of water, above your head.

You may also keep your head tilted downward, as a mark of respect to the Sun god.

Then with the vessel, a shade below the top of your head, tilt the vessel and offer water, so that water starts to drip right in front of you

Mental Visualization and Chanting Surya Mantra.         

You should chant the mantra “Om Suryayah Namah” as the water slowly drips out of the raised vessel.

Chant this mantra at least twelve times as the water continues to drip slowly out of the vessel.

Inhale and exhale normally, as you continue to chant and continue to offer water slowly, through drips to the Sun God.

As you chant and offer water, visualize that the brilliance of Surya Devata is covering your entire body, forming a Kavacha or an invisible armor around you.

Also, imagine that the rays of the Sun are entering your body and cleansing your system slowly from head to toe.

Also visualize that your various parts of the body such as eye, nose, ears, head, mouth, hands, feet, palms, arms, heart, and other vital organs are lit up by the brilliance of the sun.

Focus on the mantra as you chant the mantra.

Specific Prayers to Surya Devata

Pray to Surya Devata thus ” Oh Lord, please remove any diseases that my body has or is about to attack my body.

Please vitalize all my organs.

Kindly burn away all the bad Karma and fill my being with auspicious qualities whereby I may be useful to myself and society as a whole.”

Mood while Chanting Surya Mantra

As you empty the water content, raise your toe and visualize that you are offering yourself completely to the Mantra and Surya Devata.

Visualize that you are an ardent servant of the Sun god.

After the water is fully offered, move a little behind, clear of the water space, and offer Dandavat Pranam or Sashtang Dandavat to Sun God.          

Benefits of Offering Water to Sun God

Following are the advantages of Offering Water ( अर्घ्य  Arghya) to Sun God.          

1.All bad Karma shall get slowly burnt out. The key to getting all bad Karma removed is to continue with this practice at least for one year without a break.

2.You will have sharp Eyesight as well as other senses will also get better, thereby improving our overall experience of the world.

3.You will have sharp Intelligence that will work in unimaginable ways.

4.It is best for students to do this practice.

There will be visible benefits in Academic areas and students will perform well in their examinations like never before.

5.This practice is great for professionals. One shall start doing well in their jobs and delayed promotions shall start moving

6.Surya Devata is the Lord of brilliance and hence he will open up the gateways for wealth and prosperity 

7.Spiritual subjects will interest you by the grace of Surya Devata.

8.Health parameters will start improving and it will also aid in digestion and increase appetite.


9.You will also become famous and if you practice this method for at least 6 months without any break, Sun god will remove the malefic effects of the astrological charts.

10.The memory shall start improving and there will be a turnaround in your luck.

11. The work front will automatically improve.

Spiritual Significance of Offering Water to Sun

There is a spiritual significance when you offer water to Sun God.

This has to be understood to appreciate the science behind this extremely effective process.

The 24 Achit Tattvas define how matter behaves (Please visit the 24 Achit Tattvas to understand this science further). 

The water element contains the gross element of the earth.

Thus water contains the subtle origins of the earth.

Similarly, fire contains the subtle origins of water. In the gross world, when you pour water on the fire, it will extinguish the fire because water has become grosser than fire, and therefore it can put out the fire. 

When you offer water to Sun God, He will absorb the subtle aspect of water,  which is a raw material for the Sun to keep blazing and continuing its work.

The Sun absorbs the earth’s water which forms clouds.

What is not visible is that the Sun derives its power from the subtle aspect of the water element.

Thus, when we offer water to the Sun, we are directly offering service to the Sun, for which subtle water is the raw material, that keeps the fire within the Sun planet, burning.

Shastras on Offering Water to Sun God

The Shastra says that the Sun God has to fight the millions of demons, in that part of the earth, which is on the verge of daybreak.

The rakshasas or demons operate in the mode of ignorance or Tamas, the whole night.

Surya Deva requires extra power to defeat the demons of darkness.

This battle happens every day at the break of dawn.

When someone offers Arghya or water to the Sun god, it means that you are offering your service, by contributing water for extra fuel, so that the Sun can battle the demons easily.

Thus offering water to the Surya Dev is a direct service to the Supreme Being.

There is hardly any other process that is more effective in removing one’s woes, than this one.

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