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Love and Compassion for Humanity

Manipulating the human mind

You would have watched the television ads that runs on your television, interrupting your favorite programme. Many of us like to watch these ads. The ads promote some Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Companies or Welfare organizations. You may see a small child planting a tree sapling with some mushy background music. You may see some adults getting emotional on the screen looking at the child. There is another ad where you see an old woman or man begging on the road and a young man feels compassion looking at the old people. Again the mushy music in the background ads to the emotion. There is a soft voice describing the scene to you. You have drops of tears settling in your eyes without your knowledge. What’s all this happening? Are these fellows promoting ads on the television doing something to help the situation of the world that is being pulverized by poverty, famine and environment hazards or are they just trying to make a hole in your pocket? Let us get this straight.

The Big Corporate manipulates us

The thing that has cheated us most, in our current times is our own emotions. Our emotions have let us down and has helped others to rob us instead, in the name of pity and compassion. There are corporate goons behind this racket who have stumbled upon, more or less, an authentic means to plunder our savings. In the name of a green environment or in the name of saving the poor or the old have concentrated missions towards attracting donors. NGOs and private organizations have set up theatres where mushy movies are being created so as to influence the common man through short-films and ads. The surprising thing is that we are not being influenced by the very nakedness of life, so to say, but here we are, becoming overtly emotional over these ad campaigns and are ready to voluntarily donate towards these made-up causes.

New ways to manipulate emotions

Have we ever felt for the homeless man who keeps loitering on the lane across our own apartments? Have we cared for the small kids who keep nagging the passers-by for a piece of bread? Familiarity breeds contempt and that is what has happened to us, as we deal with the poor and the needy in real life. But here we are donating generously to these Corporate in the name of being a Samaritan thereby assumedly helping the society at large. Do you really believe that your money is reaching the causes for which it is meant? Our emotional triggers are located in the multi-million studios of the corporate mafia and that is unfortunate. In the good old days there were thieves who used to break into our houses and had to do all that hard work to carry out thievery. Now things have changed a bit; one needs to be skilled in making ad films, spending a small sum to create these ads. You invest a few thousand dollars and then make millions out of these ads because you have caught the pulse of the audience. You have triggered those emotions which normally remain incapacitated. The causes that are being promoted by these campaigns appear to be genuine but their intentions are mala fide and vicious. We will talk about the subtler aspects of what drives the common man to contribute towards such delusory motives although the intentions of the common man may appear justified and genuine.

Our Mind and Senses cheat us

Our senses integrate themselves in the mind and that integration is primarily responsible for all the donations that we make. The feeling of love, care and compassion is just a response to some stimulus and a temporary one. It is created when the senses are excited in a particular way that sends the mind reeling into an experience of unity, oneness, all-pervasiveness, love, care and what not. The unfortunate thing is that one can never really tell between the fake and the real emotions. The “reel emotion” is created because of the skill of the creators that befools our mind and senses. The feelings of Love, Care and compassion have to be understood from a truly spiritual standpoint so that one does not fall prey to mimicked emotions.

There is no Love Here

It is to be understood that Love, Care and compassion is nature’s way and is experienced in its totality if and only if, one is free from the “mundane” view of these words. The monkey mother loves its kid because it is Mother Nature’s arrangement. The same monkey puts its kid under its feet when it is unable to stand erect in the growing flood waters. The dog (bitch) eats her own children after birth because she is tired after the child-birth and cannot move around to look for food, she is hungry and so ends up eating few of her puppies, The human-mother, being a politician, conspires to kill her own son because he is a disturbance or road-block to her ambitions. Where is love, care or compassion of the mother now? People say that motherly love is the purest and highest emotion.

Two sides of the same coin

It is to be understood that all love, care and compassion has its source beyond the bodies of mothers, spouses, brothers and all such relatives or friends. Unless man looks deeper into the nature of things he shall continue to be ransacked by the very earthly emotions for which he is ready to give his life. There are fathers who have not met their sons because of certain things that they do not like in their sons. There are loving friends who have now turned enemies. There are disciples who have turned competitors to their own Gurus. These were the same disciples who used to care for every need of their Guru. Love is being transformed into Hate. Care has turned itself into neglect. Compassion has been transformed into apathy. It is to be understood that Love-Hate, Care-neglect, Compassion-Apathy all these represent two sides of the same coin. These emotions are induced by external or internal triggers. Emotions can be manipulated or induced. One has to understand that spirituality has the answers for this artificial build-up of emotions. The Sanatana Dharma Scriptures have practical guidelines to decode the way we present or emote ourselves. Vedanta points to the spirit and says that it is the mind that rearranges itself and presents itself as Love and Hate, as like and dislike. It is the same energy that is transformed or manipulated and these emotions are just as temporary as the morning dew. So it will be intelligent work if we can work on our minds a little deeper through authentic processes as recommended by Dharma. People who have got the hack to trick us, continue to exploit us via our emotional baggage which we unfortunately feel, is a good thing to possess because you can go on talking and ranting about it to all those you meet. Such an activity is the ill-doing of the ego and nothing else. We go on spitting thrash to others because our mind is soaked in the unhandled dross of emotion which is spewed out by the notion of “My story”. Our identity revolves around these mundane emotions and that is the problem. One needs to understand that life, as it appears in the material sense, is only a grand manipulation of our thoughts and emotions. If one is skilled enough, he can press the right buttons and trick us through his schemes.

Who can truly have Love, Care and Compassion?

Following a dedicated spiritual practice is essential if one wants to find one’s way without falling into the traps that the world has built around us. It is to be studied, understood, practised and realized that other than Mother Nature or the Supreme Being who is hidden into the nitty gritty of the world itself, no one else can have Care, love or compassion for us or for any other. How we discover the Supreme Being’s love is a matter of thorough spiritual investigation. If this is investigated and fixed then there can be no traps in the world that can ever trick you. Our mundane emotions and distorted views about ourselves and our own paltry stories are used for manipulating the reality of things or used as a bait for a very base or demeaning cause by dubious but creative entities. This has to be clearly understood. Our emotional weakness tends to be glorified by other people or by our own minds and that is the trap. We get tricked by emotional upsurge which makes us totally unconscious as we happily swim through those emotions. It’s just sheer waste of energy and time. This is the tragedy of mankind or at least most of mankind. A handful of obnoxious but intelligent people use it to fool and exploit innocent people. Today, tragically, ignorance is identified as innocence. Being innocent or ignorant is an unpardonable excuse in today’s world of glib talk and deceit. It is high time that we audit and clear up those mushy emotions.