Wonders of Chakras and Kundalini

Wonders of Kundalini Yoga

Movement of Kundalini Shakti in the Human Body

The movement of Kundalini Shakti, seated in the Mooladhara Chakra, strikingly begins from Svadhishthana to Sahasra. The last chakra, the Sahasra  Chakra is symbolically represented as a thousand petalled lotus at the top of the head. It is the seat of Sadashiva or the Para Brahman. It creates that channel for the upward movement of Kundalini Power. The Sahasra is the seat of The Supreme Absolute who is separated from Shakti who begins to rise from the Mooladhar.

The goal of Kundalini Yoga is to make the Kundalini rise through the Chakra Channel System and establish Shakti at the top of the head. Thus, Kundalini, can be referred to as a process to unite Shakti with Shaktimaan, Energy with the Supreme Absolute. If this is done, liberation is attained, that moment. A sincere aspirant, who dedicatedly practices Kundalini Yoga is said to worship both Energy and the Energetic that is Shakti and Bhagawan together.

Is Kundalini Awakening Easy

Kundalini Shakti rises differently in different people. For some people, Kundalini Yoga is a seemingly tough venture. But, for some it is a spontaneous outcome of little bit of practice. For others, Kundalini Shakti has already arisen to a great extent while for some, even after years of practice, it has no apparent benefit.

Let us look at how Kundalini rises for a person with excess fear and lustful tendencies as an example.

People driven by base instincts like that of sexual or other sensual motives: Kundalini Shakti is energy personified. If thoughts are getting dissipated by lower thoughts and tendency, naturally Kundalini is in a dormant state. Hence, there is a need to raise it through conscious efforts. The sexual energy of Veerya (वीर्य Semen), for such people flows in the downward direction. It opposes the conscious flow of Kundalini.

Hence, Kundalini power remains sleeping because of the absence of any stimulus in the form of spiritual practices, austerities or well directed restraint. Kundalini Power cannot be equated to the power of wealth or other riches. It is much needed for man to live a sane life. The power generated through Kundalini Sadhana, alone can awaken that serpent-power.

So Kundalini Awakening can be easy provided your mental constitution supports the upwards movement of the Shakti energy. We must realize that every person has Kundalini rising at some stage of life.. It must rise and that is the goal of Kundalini Sadhana. Everyone can awaken Kundalini Energy through Sadhana. It is gradual, yet proven method.

Signs of a Guru with Awakened Kundalini

When the aspirant seriously practices all the disciplines as enjoined in the Shastra, under the able guidance of a guru whose Kundalini has already awakened, one surely reaches the Supreme abode of Sadashiva. After this the practitioner attains the Guru’s platform.

The experts of the Yogic path, attain the abode of Sadashiva. They are appointed as the spiritual guru for the spiritual seekers. They guide the sincere population in the right path and shower their grace on ordinary people, so that they too can evolve. An awakened being attains this platform not by his will, but by the Will of the Supreme. Worldly people do not give enlightened guru the position and hence it does not require marketing at all. Automatically the right candidates arrive at the Guru’s doorstep through the medium of supernal Grace.

So, consistent efforts under a fully-awakened Master shall propel the layers enmeshing Kundalini to clear up. After which, they are finally torn asunder and the serpent-power (or Kundalini Shakti) is pushed or driven upwards.

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Supernatural Kundalini Experiences

Super sensual visions appear before the mental eye of the aspirant. New worlds with indescribable wonders and charms unfold before the Yogi. Different levels of consciousness reveal themselves in colorful bursts. Soon, Sadashiva personally guides the practitioner and then the Yogi becomes a rapid learner as he undergoes spiritual training under the Supreme Guru. In a matter of months there is transformation in the Sadhaka which happens in leaps and bounds. Oceans of unconscious layers are crossed just like Hanumanji Maharaj crossed the ocean to reach Lanka.

The practitioner gets divine knowledge, power and bliss, in increasing degrees, when Kundalini passes through Chakra after Chakra. This experience is unique, making the Sadhaka blossom. Before the touch of the awakened Kundalini Shakti, the Sadhaka never had known that such mind-boggling powers even existed.

The adept Yogi starts emanating light and fragrance, revealing divine secrets of the phenomena, which lie concealed from the eyes of worldly-minded. The average materialistic people would even refuse to believe the existence of the phenomenal power that the Kundalini Shakti bestows on the Sadhaka.

When the Kundalini activates a Chakra, in the upwards direction, the Yogi also successfully ascends one step in the Yogic ladder. So, as the Kundalini travels upwards, the Yogi swiftly advances towards the goal or spiritual perfection.

Kundalini Shakti reaches the 6th and 7th Chakras

When the Kundalini reaches the sixth centre or the Ajna Chakra, the Yogi gets the vision of Personal God or Saguna Brahman.

But, when the serpent-power reaches the last-top centre, the Sahasra Chakra, or Thousand-petalled lotus, the Yogi loses his individuality in the ocean of Sat-Chit-Ananda (or the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute). He/She becomes one with the Lord or Supreme Soul. He is no longer an ordinary man, not even a simple Yogi, but a becomes a fully illumined sage. He has then conquered the eternal and unlimited divine kingdom.

The Sadhaka emerges like a hero having won the battle against illusion or Maya. A Liberated Being, the sadhaka is. He becomes the one who has crossed the ocean of ignorance or the ocean of birth and death. After such an out of world experience, the yogi becomes the centre of authority and capacity. He gains power to save the other struggling souls of the relative world.  Scriptures hail him most, in the maximum possible glorifying way, and his achievement.

Most common Challenge During Kundalini Sadhana

In the previous sections we spoke about many elevated experiences and stages. It seemed easy and probably very much attainable. But, there are difficulties in all walks of life and it is only sincere efforts which can make the tough attainable.

The greatest challenges that Kundalini poses during the Yogi’s journey is the veil of Maya. The Sadhaka is presented with both, upper and lower world experiences. The Yogi becomes susceptible to both the Demons and the Devatas who envy him. Because, the practitioner ascends through the Kundalini pathway towards Liberation which neither the Demons nor the Devatas are blessed to attain. They are not qualified just because they have (Bhoga Sharir), which is meant to fulfil desires.

Their bodies are designed for sense gratification. Attaining liberation can only be possible when the body supports us in our spiritual practices. Human body is exclusively designed for attaining liberation. A person has to possess the earthly body in order to qualify for liberation. Hence, it is important for the Sadhaka to be guided by an already liberated Yogi. Otherwise, Demons and Devatas shall entice the Sadhaka to commit certain actions that can hamper the rise of Kundalini. It puts the Sadhaka into a situation of perennial danger, thereby making him/her waste his valuable human body.

1 Thing to keep in mind

Kundalini is closely associated with the Tantric Sadhana System. Tantric Sadhana deals predominantly with the worship of the divine mother, Shakti. When the Yogi awakens the Kundalini, he is in subtle communion with the energy aspect of Creation. The Creator is the Supreme Being, Shiva, while the animating force of the world is Devi Shakti, the power of Kundalini. She resides at the base of the spinal cord in every being.

In many Tantric Practices, the kundalini is accessed and awakened through, through the divine names of the mother. If you awaken Kundalini with Tantra practices, it is essential to be guided by a guru who has mastered Kundalini Sadhana through Tantric rituals. This approach yields results much faster as it directly taps into the sheaths of energies housed within the human body by chanting of specific mantras to awaken Shakti Devi. The entire Tantric Sadhana aims at awakening Her.

The mantras of Devi are chanted so that she unites with the Lord, Sadashiva who is seated in the Sahasra Chakra. Japa (Holy chanting of mantras and names of the goddess) of the name of the Mother, prayer and various other rituals aid in the Tantric ritual to awaken Kundalini.

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