The Surviving Spiritual Library

You will find a wealth of Vedic Knowledge from the esteemed scriptures.

Find Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Srimad Bhagavatham, Bhagavad Gita, Ramcharitmanas, Bhaktamal, Shandilya Bhakti Sutra, and more…

Furthermore, there are tons of posts describing the various Vedic school of thought, the Dwaita, Advaita, and Vishista Advaita.

In other words, is a direct guide for all its interested readers.

After interacting with the teachings enlisted here, you may find your spiritual path. This will improve your overall outlook on life.

This is a guarantee. Do not be surprised if you immediately reflect on these writings.

jnana, karma and bhakti yoga

Karma, Jnana and Bhakti Yoga- A Journey

When the person undertakes shelter under a Personal God, he develops a deep attachment, for his deity. He undergoes Karma and Jnana Yoga, early in his journey.

The prisoner

Stress Personality Quotient

Stress is very common in today’s times. We experience stress in varying degrees. Find out your stress quotient by answering some questions.

Vayavya Yajna, to earn money

Vayavya Yajna to Attract Wealth

When performing this Yajna with faith, you attract wealth. Wealth abandons households who invite misfortune on themselves and come to the host of this Yajna.


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Spiritual, Life, Love, & Wisdom Quotes!

Welcome to Spirit Meaning Channel. In this channel, you will find spiritual values. The ideas can benefit all of us.

Our Enlightened masters left their invaluable philosophies. Hence, we wish to share their teachings with everyone via this platform.

Our efforts are towards integrating Vedic Knowledge and the lifestyle of the common man.

Methods and Techniques are discussed, whereby we can apply spirituality.

Such an approach is essential if at all one strives to eliminate the dross of material life.

We share stories from Various scriptures and how are they stand relevant even today. Spirituality is the greatest Science.

We upload videos once a week. Make sure you don’t miss a single update. Every video can make a difference.

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Spirit Hue,
Writings for the Soul covers the sweet Sakhya Leela Pastimes (friendship pastimes) of Lord Krishna.

Some friends of the Lord are Madhumangala, Sridama, Toka Krishna, Bhadrasena, Varuthapa, Vishal, Arjuna, Subala and others.

Our goal is to convey the simplicity of a devotee’s heart through these short friendship stories.

By contemplating on these transcendental pastimes, we develop a great attraction towards Lord Krishna as a friend.

The Family of Goloka Vrindavana, the eternal abode of Little Krishna is wonderful. Here, the relationship of Krishna with His relatives is also discussed at length.

Moreover, their forms, complexion, mood, and qualities have also been described so that you can meditate on them and thus purify consciousness.

On, you will also find stories of Vedic Gods and Goddesses.

Each of them is covered in detail with respect to their expansions, characteristics, significance, sects, origin, and pastimes.

Also, covers Teachings of Ramacharita Manasa written by Tulsidas Goswami. The teachings are practicable on a daily basis.

Here, you will find the details of the differences in mood and character of the various associates of Lord Sri Rama.

So, it will be interesting to discover how the Lord upholds moral conduct and Dharma.
Puranic stories is an upcoming series. Stay Tuned for more updates!